Continuing College and Graduate Students


Step 1 - Log in to myUIC and click Online Enrolment

Step 2 - Check the list of suggested courses to take

In this step, you will be shown a list of courses to be taken for this semester. This is automatically generated based on your curriculum and previous grades. If there are pre-requisite courses that you haven't taken, the corresponding dependent course is omitted here. If you have courses taken during the previous semester which has no grades yet, the dependent course for this semester will also be omitted.

Step 3 - Choose your Category

Choose whether you have access to Internet or not. Category 1 students are those who will be required to submit their accomplished Course Packs for their academic requirements. Category 2/3 students are those who are required to perform their academic activities online (synchronous/asynchronous).

Step 4 - Update your email address

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you update your email address so you will receive the automated messages from the system.

Step 5 - Update your mailing address

This step is important especially for Category 1 students and those who opt to avail of the Course Packs. Since face-to-face classes are still not allowed, the school might be sending communication via courier. Please make sure to follow the address format.

Step 6 - Update your contact number

Please make sure that you update your contact number so that the school can communicate with you even in the absence of an Internet connection.

Step 7 - Concerns

If you have concerns regarding the pre-loaded courses, please indicate in this step. For example, if there is a course in the list that you have already taken, please make sure to inform us. Or, if a course was included but you haven't taken its pre-requisite, please inform us here. Otherwise, just put none in the field.

Step 8 - Review the information that you have given

In this step, you are shown a summary of the information that you have provided. Please check carefully and go back to the previous steps if there is an error. All information after this step shall be considered FINAL. Click Submit so that your Dean can review your enrollment application.

Step 9 - Success notification

If there are no problems during the above process, you will see a Success notification.

Step 10 - Check your email, or log in to myUIC regularly.

Regularly check your email or log in to myUIC and click Online Enrolment from time to time to be able to see if your enrollment application has been approved.

Step 11 - Payment

Once your enrollment application has been approved, you will see the information on how to make your payment. Please read the instructions on how to make your payments carefully. The number of days before your payment is reflected in the system varies depending on the payment channel that you have chosen.

Step 12 - Print/Download your Enrollment Assessment Form

In the Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF), you will see the list of courses that you will be enrolled in. Depending on the approval made by your dean, the list of courses may differ from the one that you have applied for. For example, a course may be omitted if the Dean has evaluated that you have not take certain pre-requisites. Another example is when a course is added to your list even if your grades (for a pre-requisite course) for the previous semester has not yet been reflected in the system due to the pending upload.

Step 13 - Wait for the notice of enrollment

Log in to myUIC from time to time to check if your payment has already been received and your courses have been loaded. Once this is done, clicking on Online Enrolment will show you a list of courses that you have been enrolled in.